E-Chronos is a Swiss company that develops and manufactures radio remote controls for industrial applications. It consists of a team with a great deal of experience in the sector as well as a high quality back-ground.

Safety, precision, robustness, high technology, high-level software configuration and reliability are just some of the features that make this product a true excellence in the field of telecommunications applied to industry.

E-CHRONOS, the only true industrial radio control system without software programming limits. The management system for all programmable functions, eDrop E-Chronos, has highly innovative technical features.

An electronic programming panel allows the technical implementation of any automation you wish to achieve; once the project has been defined and through a very simple download procedure, everything that has been achieved is converted into computer language files that are automatically installed in the microprocessor.

The XFLY transmitter is the result of many years of experience in the field by the E-CHRONOS technical sales team.
Its ergonomic shape lends itself perfectly to accommodate any type of control both on the front and on the sides in order to realise any type of control architecture desired by the customer.
Its structure has been designed in four parts that can be assembled to quickly obtain both the traditional version and the Display version.
The position of the front controls, the inclination of the display, the ergonomics of the side controls placed on two perpendicular or inclined planes, make this transmitter the device with the best functional compromise of any competing system.
Its attractive shape and innovative design also contribute to the creation of one of the most modern and technologically advanced radio systems on the market.

Intellectual properties of the E-CHRONOS system.

The E-CHRONOS radio control system, although brand new, is based on principles and technical features that are the result of the great experience of the project TEAM.
The intellectual property of each electronic part that makes up the E-CHRONOS system is complete, starting from its heart, the RF radio module.
This is undoubtedly the most important part of the project and has taken the E-CHRONOS RF engineers more than 2 years to develop and the result has amply repaid their efforts.
Designed for applications where a wide range of action is required, this module has been included in the entire range of radio controls produced, from the smallest of the E-CHRONOS range, so that all devices benefit from its highly effective technical characteristics.
Total absence of signal loss, extremely long range, perfectly bi-directional system and total protection against hacking.

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