OLP Emergency Cable Control

The E-CHRONOS wired emergency control is the latest in integrated safety systems. The device is connected directly to the receiver unit of the radio control of the construction crane and is provided with the most important crane functions.

Normally all construction cranes have an independent, large, heavy and troublesome emergency control in case the radio control transmitter fails. This emergency control is crammed into a space on board the crane and is only an additional cost and encumbrance.

E-CHRONOS gives you the possibility to have a double and integrated device, the Radio Control + the Emergency Cable Control working together with the same receiver unit.

This is a way to save money, space and unnecessary management and is part of the new philosophy of integrated systems. Last but not least, the connecting cable is only a small and very light 4-pole.

It can be integrated on all E-CHRONOS systems, is ergonomic, handheld and simple.

Please contact E-CHRONOS.CH for any further information.

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